Chelpblog – Decisions, decisions

‘Decisions, decisions’

Shall I buy it? Can I afford it? Do I really need it? An old family friend once said ‘Procrastination is the thief of time’ and it certainly is for ditherers like me. Would I like the apple crumble or the cheesecake? I want them both, but I can’t say that. One or the other: which one, which one? The waitress is hovering, eager to slide to another table whose diners have chosen. My husband is glaring, he picked his pudding ten minutes ago.

Recently I spotted a pretty china cup, saucer and sideplate in my local charity shop. A snip, I thought at £2.50. Now I’m not short of pretty china cups, saucers and sideplates, and had a bus to catch. Only when I was whizzing through West Slawit did I realise I could have justified the purchase by removing something else from the house! The day after, long-suffering aforementioned husband went back for said china – but it had gone, swooped up by an un-procrastinous person who hadn’t dilly-dallied.

I’ve got better, hopefully the china incident was a temporary lapse. Usually I have my friend Rita sniffing about, always ready to waft the P word under my nose, reminding me that we haven’t time to faff about. If I want something enough, and can afford it, then surely…

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