Chelpblog – Butter Side Down

Have you ever hopped off a bus and clonked your head on the wing mirror? It’s not as if they’re exactly invisible. For that matter neither are white-ended lock- gates. Walking up under a bridge on the canal towpath I still don’t know how I’ve managed to collide with one on several occasions! Is it part of the human condition that some of us are clumsy by nature, prone to temporary blindness where obstacles are concerned, or have embarrassing incidents honing in on us like wasps to ice-lollies?

How was it that a friend of mine, going upstairs, failed to spot a low ceiling beam, and knocked herself cold? Or that many moons ago, silly me leapt off a school bus before it had properly stopped, not quite judging time and motion, spacial awareness or, more importantly, common sense? Scraping myself up off the pavement to the laughter of a bus-full of kids, I’d retreated in beetroot-faced haste.

It can’t be just me who has put shopping in the wrong trolley, or started a conversation with someone you thought you knew, then noticing the look of bewilderment on their face quickly try to rectify the situation by saying something – anything – and end up looking like even more of a tit!

One time – and this is quite recently –  as I was walking home, I returned a cheery, loud salutation from a stranger in passing, only to then spot the phone glued to her ear, and the greeting not intended for me at all. I hurried on, cursing my stupidity and hoping that if our paths crossed again that she wouldn’t recognise me.

But on reflection, why do we feel like idiots when we’ve made an innocent muddle of something? Yet we do. Obviously I do constantly. Life’s too short for continual embarrassment by things which , let’s face it, don’t really matter. Why don’t we just laugh them off and get on with the day. These things may make amusing stories sometime when you’ve dusted yourself off and can see the funny side. Sometimes the bread does actually fall butter side up.


One thought on “Chelpblog – Butter Side Down

  1. Just read the latest blog lots of things like that have happened to me best was when I was married I nipped the gents bum next to me he was very surprised so was I as it wasn’t my husband my excuse is I was very young

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