My ways and By-ways – “Damn, there’s a tree in the way”

So there you are, in transit, scenery blurring by. You spy an interesting feature: a mountaintop ablaze with sunlight, a glittering lake suddenly hoving into view, a celebrity in a passing vehicle, or an elephant strolling quietly down the hard shoulder of the M6. If you’re anything like me you’ll be grabbing your camera to try and capture the moment. But alas, moments are just that, gone in a glance.

Neither my fella nor myself drive, so we rely on public transport to get us out and about. On holiday we’re often on trains or coaches haring up hairpins, racing round ringroads, steaming up and down motorways, carriageways or autobahns and tearing past towns. Even if we’re cruising at a more sedate speed, the scenery can be agonisingly elusive to capture. Sneeze and it’s gone. The sun’s nipped behind a cloud at a crucial moment (or come out too full in the wrong place), the perspective’s not the same a millimetre down the road, or worse (and many of my photos have been fractured by this) a sudden streak of green, as trees suddenly materialise in the wrong place at the wrong time, or telegraph wires slash your shot in half.

On moving vehicles there’s a lot to contend with. You’re usually strapped in for one thing, or mobility is very limited. Unavoidable objects both inside and out is vexatious to say the least! Mucky windows and reflections are just bloody annoying!! The perfect composition is thus frustratingly unobtainable.

Or is it? I have snapped and snapped, relying on nothing more than sheer good luck, and being eternally grateful for the invention of the digital camera. Mine is only a basic compact Fujifilm Finepix, but it’s served me well, even on moving transport. Below are some examples.

Driving up the Pordoi Pass in the Dolomites


A vineyard at the foot of the Dolomites, Northern Italy


Lake Lucerne in April


Taken from a ferry in the middle of The Solent


In the French Alps through the obvious front window of the coach


A rugged peak in Austria


From the M1 near Sheffield


Sunset from the Brussels ringroad



These were taken early one morning on our way through Northern France

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