My ways and By-ways – Old mill chimneys around Slawit

Huddersfield’s historical relics

I’ve always loved the old mill buildings from around the Colne Valley and my little bit of West Yorkshire. Since the decline of the textile industry as it used to be, a lot of mills are either pulled down to make way for new stuff, transformed into swanky new apartments, offices or retail outlets, or just left to decay.

As a little girl I was fascinated by the chimneys without really knowing why. I imagined them as characters booming their voices down the valley to each other, and sometimes communicating via smoke signals, each chimney an individual, crowned with a stone hat. There were many more in the Colne valley in the 1970’s and 80’s.

I’ve found a few photos of Slawit chimneys, though sadly the Globe Mill chimney is no longer, and came down a few years ago. I have it in mind to start photographing old Colne Valley mills in whatever state they’re in. At least then I can have my own record of partial preservation, which I can share with others.

Spa Mill chimney, which I believe is still a working mill

This was taken in spring this year while we were out for an evening walk along the canal.


Never knew the name of this chimney in Slaithwaite centre

I took this photo from the bus stop on Manchester Road. Pole Moor radio masts stand on the hill behind.


Globe Mill early one morning from Crowther’s Upper Mills/Empire Brewery, Slaithwaite

I used to think this chimney looked like a giant brown crayon.


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