Blyblog – Anytime, any place, anywhere

I am reading a hugely thick book at the mo, but when I am done, I’m diverting to Blyton before moving on to my next weighty volume.

During the coming weeks, I will be posting my considered comments on ‘Anytime Tales’ which are 15 short stories originally published in Enid Blyton’s Holiday Books.


‘Anytime Tales’ was a book I had as a little lass in the 70’s, a shiny dark-pink covered hard-back from the Purnell Sunshine Library published in 1971. I have the same version now, though not my original which absconded goodness knows where many years ago. I also had the pale-pink covered ‘Fairy Stories’ from the same series, which I’m still trying to sniff out.

As I have 3 of the holiday books, I’ll try and compare some of the individual tales, and see if the text or illustrations differ. I’ll enjoy reading these tales again, this time analysing them with an adult eye. Should be fun.



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