My ways and By-ways – Jill’s Jaunts

Flicking through photos of past travels has made me look back over some of the things I’ve seen and places I’ve visited. Until about six years ago I never had a passport. We were not in a position to afford holidays abroad.

When I was a child, my family were always skint because Mum was too busy saving up for our summer holiday (usually to Skegness), but I grew up with a whole heap of memories, and daft tales to tell. I will share snippets of them on here over time.

Six years into our first ever passports, my fella and I have been about in Europe a bit, but are not well traveled as yet. That comes later, as do the stories. For now here are some pictures I took with my first ever digital camera (and wasn’t I excited to take as many as I wanted, view them, delete if necessary, and not waste brass on handing in the film to be developed). These are from a short holiday to North Eastern Scotland in 2011.

Loch Ness
A breezy day at Loch Ness
Crossing Cromarty Firth


Crossing Cromarty Firth
A splash of colour from Cromarty beach

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