Jill’s Jaunts – York part 2

Yesterday I posted some stuff about the city of York, and a selection of the bunch of pictures I took. Today I’ll post a few more. York is such a proper interesting place that it is always rammed full of touristy types like me (although I’ve only come from Huddersfield, 40 miles away, and everyone else’s cameras look so much bigger than mine!)

Much to the dismay of my longsuffering husband, I’m always on the prowl for photos, and often stop in the middle of the road to zoom in on something I think may look fab. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t, but I have to try.

At the moment, I’m a bit loopy about architecture. There’s heaps of it about in York, even down to something far less fancy and very working class, like rooftops and chimney pots. I much prefer rustic to grand, shabby but not too chic – a bit like me really.

Dawn from the back window of our rooms. I liked the way the light shimmered in the puddle on part of the roof, even there are some reflected smears from the window
On the Foss Bridge. Again more reflections, but not the standard view
Architecture at the end of the Minster School, sadly I just cut out the Roman column to the left as the light was bad and I was trying to centralise the modern bit of architecture – the signpost
Chimney-pots, waning moon and birds, all in one go
The minster from the top of Stonegate

Below, looking down the Shambles (the top window of the building facing at the bottom of picture is where we stayed) and looking up the Shambles

Leading to the Richard III museum at Monk Bar
Looking down over terracotta chimney-pots, pantile roofs and red brick buildings from the city walls
Medieval York Minster rising above more modern pantiles and aerials
A contrast between old and ancient
Was looking for a green man, but wouldn’t want to meet any of these gents on a dark night

Not sure yet where Jill’s Jaunts will be jaunting off to next, but my Fujifilm Finepix and the battery charger will be along for the ride.


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