Photosperimentation -Let there be light part 1

Photosperimentation – ok not a real word, but if some nuppit* out there can devise a collection of letters to form BREXIT and have it accepted into British dictionaries while the rest of us look on in perplexed befuddlement, I can invent stuff too!

But back to photosperimentation. I have dipped into plenty of fab photography blogs recently, on the lookout for inspiration, and to see what types of things within this medium are currently being produced. Knowing what other people are doing, and what advice they can offer is very interesting and useful to someone like me. Although I have taken pictures for most of my life on fairly basic equipment, I am a complete lifelong technophobe. Understanding computers, cameras or anything electrical is a struggle.

My initial advice on the subject was dished out by my mum, who’s photographic experience amounted to purchasing and loading the 8 exp film into the Brownie every summer, and occasionally Christmas during the 1970’s and into the 80’s, and taking the majority of our ‘holiday snaps’. Her wise words directed me to keep the camera steady, make sure everything was straight and centralised, and never ever to point directly into the sun.

Sorry Mother, but I’ve broken at least two of those rules on purpose.

When I was about ten I went on a school field trip to the unpronounceable Pentrellyncomer in North Wales, and was given charge of the precious Brownie, which had about three pictures left to take on the film. I lined up a picture of a statue, and my teacher the fearsome Mr Endersby, a keen naturalist and photographer himself, carefully turned the camera 90 degrees in my hand, suggesting the composition would look better in portrait. What I knew, and he didn’t (and I didn’t dare enlighten him) was that the photos which printed off a Brownie 127 were 4×4 inch square.

So anyway, everyone else seems to be pushing photographic boundaries except me. I don’t digitally enhance anything or own extra stuff like additional lenses or filters. Its just me and my two cameras, limiting perhaps, but it makes me rely more on my eyes and my instinct.

Having had a crack at something a bit out of the ordinary for me (landscapes are more my safety net) I’ve had a squint at the effects of light, as its that season when a lot of artificial light is about. Here are some photosperiments for you to have a look at. There will be some more in the near future. Do these images and ideas work, or are they idiotic products of an over-caffeined, over-Christmassed brain? Please leave a comment if you feel the inclination to do so.

I wondered ‘what if…I took photos of my Christmas tree lights through various glass receptacles’…

Cut glass whisky tumbler
1970’s smoked glass, heavy bottomed tumbler
Dimpled beer schooner
Same glass, different light
Pressed glass jug
Red Waterford Crystal hock glass
Blue Waterford Crystal hock glass

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