Photosperimentation – Let there be light part 2

Earlier I posted some photos I experimented with to see what it looked like when I shoved my lens into various types of glasses (empty) to look at lights.

These next photos are a random adventure for me. The place, Slaithwaite train station, where I am most mornings on my way to work. The subject, the train signal light and a curved section of track. Not the most inspiring thing to photograph, maybe, but I wasn’t sure what my camera would make of the green light, and the dark, and the reflected railway track.

There were some weird results, but that’s what experiments and photosperiments are for.

This is what kicked off the idea the other day. The platform had been gritted. The light glowed eerily in the background.
That’s rather a starburst effect. Pity about the blob
Interesting swoosh of movement, but we still have the blob.
Surreal change in colour.  Otherworldly. Almost ectoplasmic…
Change of camera. This is the compact.
This is the image I wanted to recreate. Took similar other day, but accidentally deleted.
And finally, in sharper focus. Keeping it simple.

Next photosperiments will involve some macro-type fibreoptic  and xmas decorationy stuff.



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