My ways and By-ways – Slawit in December

Well that’s another year been and gone. Today, the 2 of Jan 2017 has dawned bright and sunny, but freezing cold. Just as New Year weather should be. December however, was a month when I was really busy and not around Slawit a lot to take photos and capture what was going on.

As it was obviously the month of Christmas, I attempted to photograph our Christmas lights, which looked very pretty in the village all month. Sadly they didn’t come out very well so I have had to produce something to show what Slaithwaite looked like in December.

Saw this sky on way home from work one evening. Thought I’d miss it, so took picture through train window as you can see by reflections…
…then managed to take this from train station car park shortly after.
The supermoon was visible. I took this out of my bedroom window. I know I’ve posted this before, but it was Slawit and it was in December.
And it wouldn’t be me, out and about in Slawit if I didn’t have a brew with friends at my favourite place, Chocolate Corner.

Above. Some village Christmas windows (although they were shut, being Boxing Day) – Made Good, Cobwebs, Village Greengrocers, Hadfields bakery, Granges Butchers. These pics are just quick snaps in passing.

St James’s from the canal
A lock, and railings
The mallards were shivering, but not as much as me.
I saw three ducks come sailing in, on Boxing Day in the morning…except there were four. Still scaff up on the Globe.
This doesn’t really suggest how windy it was.
Hilltop Res
Hilltop res
When the going gets muddy…
…the muddy go home.

Happy New Year from Where there’s a Jill, there’s a Way.


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