Photosperimentation – Let there be light part 2, again.

About a fortnight ago I posted a few pictures of the green signal light just beyond Slaithwaite train station. I got to thinking, as you do, that it might be quite cool to attempt the same with the red stop light.

At stupid-o’- clock, before the train to work came, I saw the light was actually amber. There is no red one. I took a few photos to compare with the green ones, and a few more at Huddersfield station of a red light and a different view. Early morning commuters must have thought  that random lass in a fluffy-hooded parka pointing a camera at lights in the dark must have been a bit batty, but hey, that’s me…




The red signal light in Huddersfield


A train approaches
Bit dark of train, but still have red reflections on curved track
And here’s the train from Wakefield pulling in

My next plan is to try capture trains at speed, to see if me and my camera are up to it.


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