Make do and Mend – Pork Loin with haphazardly flung together Sauce

I’m not a ‘can’t cook, won’t cook’, I’m a ‘can’t cook, have to cook’. After thirty years of culinary misadventures, and more kitchen-tastrophes than I care to remember (and you can check out past posts ‘Oh no! Can you smell burning?’ and ‘Some Oat Biscuits’ to see more on said kitchen-tastrophes), you may think I’d have finally learnt enough to navigate my way through ingredients and common sense to become a competent cook. Think again please!

But in typical style, I have dusted myself off and bumbled haplessly forward once more.

Now it’s not often I fling a recipe out there – and this really isn’t one of those occasions – but I just thought I’d share with you what I decided to do with Tuesday’s tea.

5.45am – Just enough time before setting off for the early EARLY train to work, to retrieve pork loin steaks from fridge, plonk in a roasting dish and decide some sort of sauce must be in order. Ok, unaccustomed fast decision required. Don’t you put something sweet with pork?

Squeeze an orange quick, pour over pork. Right. Isn’t apple traditional? Grab apple sauce, dollop big blobs into a jug with more big dollops of redcurrant jelly, hoping the fruity flavours complement each other, and the meat. I mix them up with some water and pour over pork.

4.45pm – Arrive home from work and head for roasting dish. Sauce looks a bit runny. Drain some. Sling dish into middle of moderate oven and prep veg.

5.45pm – Eating Pork Loin Steaks In Haphazardly Flung Together Sauce, as this culinary delight is now called, with new potatoes and broccoli. In twenty-nine years of marriage, my long-suffering fella has borne simple home cookin’ with fortitude, and surprisingly few complaints. He managed to empty his plate (into stomach, not bin), and I did the same.

My verdict – I’m not a huge lover of pork, but the sweetness of the juice flavoured it nicely without it being so sweet it was sickly. I may use this combination again – but will aim to make the sauce much thicker and stickier. It was a bit thin and runny this time. Perhaps not such a kitchen-tastrophe on this occasion.



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