My ways and by-ways -There’s mud in them there woods

This morning dawned very cold and grim, foggy with not much light about. The perfect time for a squelch down to the woods. Just a five minute walk from my house is Owlers Wood which is up, and Rotcher Wood which is down.

After seeing what I could photograph (for atmosphere, if nothing else) in poor light conditions, and not doing too badly under the circumstances, the sun is now out and the sky is gleaming as I prepare this for posting. Flippin’ typical. Here are some photos, see what you think.

The hamlet of Blakestones in the mist from above Stones Laithe
A bit of heathery moor
The train from Manchester Victoria to Huddersfield
Gate’ole between fields
Top of Owlers Wood
Owlers Wood
Still a bit flummoxed about Panoramic setting on camera??? It does look best in fullscreen.
Good job I put my big boots on. Spent most of my time in squidgier stuff than this!
Down at Rotcher
Quite liked the brooding atmosphere of this shot
This virtually limbless tree seemed to go upward forever
And looking directly up…as if the trees had composed themselves for me.
I found a full screen of filigree branches and chunky silhouetted trunks might look quite interesting enlarged 
Waited for this little chap to settle down for ages
At a lock gate on the canal
Lock 25E Huddersfield Narrow Canal, Slaithwaite

A couple of these images will be posted to Instagram. Some were taken on my camera, others on my phone Sony Experia Miro.


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