My ways and by-ways – Slawit in February

Well it’s been a month of contrasting weather over here in our little corner of West Yorkshire, a lot of stuff has been flung at us. Being high up in the Pennines, the Colne Valley has a slightly different weather system even to Huddersfield, our town to the east of us, and Oldham a few miles further west.

To say February is a shorter month, it can also be quite severe. Although finally lighter nights are coming, and I am noticing dawn breaking when I’m off to work, and birdsong. Buds are sprutting on trees and bushes and all our spring bulbs are shooting through.

We had some hailstorms earlier in the month, my garden got quite white at times

Hyacinths are out and about
There’s been quite a lot of rain as well. Here is a discovery of a laneside primrose just missed by a tractor
We did have a few decent dawn skies, when I could get at them
There were a few milder days in amongst the damp chill, the fog and sometimes freezing temperatures







Work still continues at the Globe Mill
At the end of the month we had our village Moonraking Festival. According to local legend, when alcohol was prohibited to an extent, folk used to make it illegally, or purchase it on the  black market and stash it away. Once, some Slaithwaite locals hid some in the canal and went one night to fish it out. When a local policeman caught them, they pretended they were drunk, and were just raking the moon (‘s refection) out of the canal. Slaithwaite isn’t alone in a moonraking legend, there are also others up and down England
As Storm Doris was lashing Britain with high winds and torrential rainfall at the time, I had decided not to go this year, and settled down cosily at home with Shepherd’s Pie for tea. But the rain stopped, the crowds went out and paraded with their willow and paper lanterns, and I heard the firework display from my house. These last two pictures are obviously not mine, and come from the Huddersfield Examiner.

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