My ways and By-ways – Canada Geese on the pond…

After work yesterday we paid a flying visit to a relative in Slaithwaite, and on our way back across the reservoir by our house, my poor long-suffering husband heard utterances from me which he has learnt over the years to expect: ‘Ooh look at the colours on the res…I’ll catch you up.’

I didn’t, of course. He’d been in the house twenty minutes near enough.

I knew there were a couple of Canada Geese on the res, as we’d seen them as we passed earlier. What I did regret was flying out of the house without my camera, which is unusual. I could have taken some half-decent closer-up photos of said geese in the spring evening light reflecting on the water. However, I had my phone, and taking photos is a compulsion, so I tried to make the best of it.


As you see, the zoomed-in picture is lacking some clarity, and I hardly really call this zoomed in at all. I do quite like the colours, but it is what it is.


I think this one is more of the reservoir than the geese. Slaithwaite Reservoir is not the most scenic of our heaps of local reservoirs in the Colne and Holme Valleys, the nearby Peak District, and indeed Northern England. But it is two minutes walk from my cottage and I have taken many interesting pictures of it over the years at different times of day, in varying light and weather, and from different angles.

Today the sky is clear and blue. Spring seems to be making itself known around Huddersfield at last after plenty of cold, grey, drippy days. I will make another attempt at capturing Canada Geese tonight with my camera. The above images were taken around 6.15pm on my old Sony Experia Miro

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