My ways and by-ways – Canada Geese on the Pond part 2

Yesterday I posted Part One about wanting to photograph Canada Geese on the reservoir on Friday evening, but only having a phone to do it with. Last night I returned at the same time with my normal camera, which is a little Fuji Finepix Compact, useful for all sorts of stuff, and which has been a very good friend.

But earlier in the day, I went for a walk around the res and ended up at a sort of mill pond which is slightly further up. There was a beautiful male mallard swimming there, so I thought I’d have a go…


Not too bad I suppose, considering. At least you can tell what it is. Not too easy, this wildlife photography mullarky, I definitely need a bigger lens on the job.

The bigger lens was unfortunately out of power, and the battery went on charge when I got home, but not in time for the planned evening visit to the res in search of Canada Geese.


Well the geese weren’t there, but this was…


…I think it’s a Great Crested Grebe, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Today I went for a long walk along the Wessenden Valley, which I’ll cover in another post, and I had my other camera along for the trip. It has a 50x zoom so it’s a smidge better than the compact for having a squint at what might be on the set of four Wessenden reservoirs from up above on the moor.

As it was really sunny today, the brightness actually played havoc with the visibility, and I couldn’t see what pictures I was taking properly, which never helps. Well when I got home a couple of hours ago, I had a look…


What I thought were three Coots…


…were actually two Coots and a Mallard drake…


…so I took plenty of pictures to see what came out…


…and felt the effort of peering through a tiny viewfinder at things I could barely see, was quite worth the headache in the end.

And on the edge of one picture was lurking…a Canada Goose…but I hadn’t even seen it, so the image was not good.

I’d like to try with the wildlife thing a bit more if I can.

And today I had fair weather as well as fowl…


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