Fine and Dandy

Like mini sunshines blooming all down the lane. Has summer come to the Colne Valley? I thought dandelions belonged to late spring, early summer and here we are at the very beginning of April.

Dandelions (taxacum) are wildflowers native to Eurasia and the American continent. According to my vintage Observers wild flower book they have a stout tap-root and ‘basal rosette of oblong-lanceolate, almost hairless bright green leaves with large triangular serrated backward-pointing teeth…’ and a load of other attributes in fancy-shmancy terminology.

According to me, I can definitely testify to the stout tap-root, they can be the scourge of my little garden. The other stuff I’ll take the Observer’s word for it. We used to call them ‘wee-your-beds’ when we were little, blow the seed heads and go through the clock, thus unconsciously germinating them all over gardens and hedgerows, and that they are actually very bonny little flowers indeed.


Stout and hardy, they are appearing all over the place at the moment. On my way home from work yesterday I noticed them growing out of this nearby wall.


Time to take a closer look, I thought.


Never noticed they actually have little hooks as part of their shaggy lion mane of petals.


I did know that you can make coffee from the roots. I’m a coffee purist, and not too keen to try dandelion coffee. Anyone know what it tastes like?


2 thoughts on “Fine and Dandy

  1. I have noticed how the Dandelions are blooming all over, too! I do like so see them carpeting the fields or along roadside verges, but like you Jill, not in my garden. I don’t think I would fancy coffe made from the root, either, although I do remember drinking Dandelion and Burdock when I was a kid which I quite liked 🙂 Great close ups!

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