My ways and by-ways – Slawit in March

A lot of this month’s Slawit post is going to be pictures of flowers I’m afraid. With some early, but chilly sun, the crocuses came out. Every year, on a patch of ground opposite the church, we see first snowdrops, then a profusion of crocuses, which are replaced by daffodils as the crocuses die back. So I took lots of pictures of crocuses.



I have no macro lens so they’re not hugely successful. So I took some more…



There are, of course, many spring flowers planted up around the village, including some at the train station.


Again, not the finest picture, just a snap of a flower tub. Moving swiftly on from crocuses, I found myself not taking too many pictures, again on account of busyness, lack of opportunity of something interesting and relevant, and a quantity of rain.


I did quite like these barrels though, which frequently appear outside the canalside Empire Brewery, just minutes from my cottage.


And as I’m a sucker for reflections, here is a popular one around Slaithwaite, Spa Mill chimney.


We’ve had some mixed weather up here in our little corner of Pennine Yorkshire; some sunshine, a couple of weekends ago was proper warm! And some nippy, grey mornings. I haven’t put away my scarf and mittens just yet. Above is a corner of our reservoir on my way to work (now the mornings are noticably lighter). It was murky to say the least. I couldn’t see to the end.


And finally the pussywillow is opening up. Next month will bring Easter, flowering currant and hopefully a spell of settled weather.


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