As the crow flies

Huddersfield town centre. The perfect place, I decided t’other morning, to photograph a few buildings on the back streets on the way into work. I am attempting a bit of street photography at the moment, to see if I can do it, and had intended to capture images of some back alley fire escapes and crooked recesses full of towering windows.

Then I spotted a crow, not an unusual thing in downtown Huddersfield. It was circling some of the chimney stacks and gables of the ornate Victorian buildings down Station Street, which is not one of the main thoroughfares through town.


My camera was already in my hand, so not one to miss a possible opportunity, I followed the crow as it dipped down onto the road for a peck about at the asphalt…


…then swooped up to perch on part of a building above me…


…then alight on a lamp post at the end of the street.


I had to hurry off to work then, crow chasing doesn’t pay the bills. As you see, this shot is way out of focus as the crow was quick and I had to follow it. Pity I couldn’t get the bottom of the lamp on, but when trying to photograph wildlife, things can get a bit random, especially as immovable structures were on the original agenda.

Photos taken on my Fujifilm Finepix Compact.

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