Pole to pole

You may be forgiven for thinking that I have finally decided that I’m not wired up right (only finally???). My current photo fetish seems to be, though. I have been looking at the way modern man-made utility towers can fit in with our natural landscape. Some folk think they are eyesores and blots on said landscape, and may be inclined to leave well alone, or airbrush stray wires out of compositions. I think they can blend in quite nicely and provide an interesting contrast in rural settings.

I have previously posted both on Instagram, and right here on Where there’s a Jill, there’s a way, structures such as electricity pylons and wind turbines. Each depict a certain strange beauty for me and have proved surprisingly photogenic.

So, in my usual enthusiastic and haphazard way, I have compiled a few photos of our humble Slaithwaite telegraph poles for you to consider and comment on if you see fit.

This is just as the camera caught it, at about 7.30am a couple of weeks ago. The early sun trying to scorch through the heavy dark cloud cover and providing some interesting colour and silhouettes. The clouds actually won in the end and I took the picture at just the right time.
This is a sort of end pole at the bottom of our lane. The railway line runs parallel and we tip our garden rubbish here
Saw these while out walking recently and liked the colours of the rusty metal and the ceramicy bits
DSCF7456 (2)
Had a play about with this close-up image
Tried to go for symmetry with this one, but maybe I should have slightly repositioned
Took this this morning, and was reminded ever so slightly of the Statue of Liberty???
Thought this may make an interesting composition
And finally another dawn on the way to work picture. Approx 6.30am. Thought monochrome may add some drama

So there you have it. A newish thing for me thinking more about form and structure as well as texture. I will be soon trying my hand at street photography, but I shall always return to nature as sooner or later we all must.


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