Just as I was coming home from work up the lane this evening, I heard the massive-est crack of thunder. That was totally unexpected, I thought! But the sudden snow this morning wasn’t. We had been told that temperatures were going to plummet, and by God they did. Sub-zero (celsius) outside my house at half six this morning. Proper parky, as we say up here in Pennine Yorkshire.

Still, the sky was fresh and blue, the light very bright so my camera went for a snoop around the garden as I set off for work.

DSCF7843 (2)

Slight snow dusting on the ivy-covered drystone garden wall.

DSCF7841 (2)

Phlox looking shivery.

DSCF7846 (2)

Snow-speckles on the self-seeded comfrey.

DSCF7851 (2)

Crystallised nettles near the res.

DSCF7855 (2)

A dappled covering on a fence.

DSCF7856 (2)

But not much more than frosty-looking just across the valley.

There’s more snow forecast tonight, I can see stormclouds brewing through my living room window, a sign that although it’s May next week, winter hasn’t quite yet released its icy grasp.


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