Taking to the streets at last – Harold Wilson and the council street cleaner

Street photography, never thought it would be something I could try. I’ve seen a lot of really fab and interesting street photography lately, enough to entice me to have a go. So, in my usual blundering way, I marched off around Huddersfield on my way to the office, or at dinner time, often in the rain as I reckoned slick, wet pavements would look pretty cool.

Here are just a couple of early efforts for you to have a squint at.


Above is the iconic statue of famous Huddersfield-born politician and former PM Harold Wilson who stands loud and proud in St George’s Square in front of the train station. It was chucking it down when I took this, so I had to clean old Harold up of rain blobs the best I could. Now do bear in mind I have only very basic post-production technology available at the mo. Harold’s face is a smidge darker than I’d have liked, but I didn’t want to make the rest of the picture too light. The 7.15 on the station clock is a.m, on my way into work and the light wasn’t great. The lady in the red coat in the back, I waited for to get into shot, but the red not too clear.


This next image is a fuller shot of Harold, again de-blobbed, but this time in black and white as I wanted to see the effect with the wet Yorkshire stone flagstones. There are other blobs about in the square, and I think these are chewing gum or small bits of rubbish (why can’t people use bins and keep our streets free from rubbish???) Tried cropping, but for some reason it shrunk from all sides and Harold’s head would have been chopped.


This final image demonstrates, I hope, that the council do try to keep the streets clean. This chap was emptying bins along one of the main streets. I zoomed in from a furtive distance. I like the colours and hope green represents chucking rubbish away, recycling and helping to Keep Britain tidy.



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