Good Golly Miss Brolly

Summer has nearly come to my corner of Northern England. How do I know this? The rain, of course. After last week’s surprising mini-heatwave, our lovely British weather has decided to return to some sort of normality again. So rain it is!

And so to street photography I turn once more.  The centre of my hometown is awash with interesting rainy day opportunities, so on my way to work and back, and nipping out for a break in and amongst, I have had a crack at photographing the aesthetically pleasing umbrella and the good townsfolk of this here mini metropolis sheltering beneath them.

DSCF7299 (2)

Despite my title for this jaunt into umbrella-ishness, it isn’t just us women-folk who see fit to use them. I noticed this chap on account of his colourful shirt, and did a bit of sneaky stalking at a discreet distance for a couple of minutes, with my zoom lens full on. I managed to get about three pictures of which two turned out suitable enough to play about with.

DSCF7300 (2)

Here he is again. I wanted to keep the colours fairly muted and focus on the main brighter colours, reds or greens.

DSCF7302 (2)

And this lady with her bright coat and cheerful brolly was worthy of singling out for the little dance she looks like she’s about to break into (she didn’t).


A lot more muted is this lady with her textured coat and designer brolly, hastening up the Piazza steps out of the rain.


Looking at this picture now, I could have cropped a bit more. The rain is clearly visible as she trots up the street under her pretty patterned brolly.

DSCF7616 (2)

And here is a sale being made, under umbrellas at a car boot sale in a neighbouring town. Again I tried to keep it subtle and focus on colours of brollies.

DSCF8049 (2)

This smartly attired person is hiding under an umbrella with the name of a funeral director’s on it, probably unaware there’s a slightly shabby lass stood behind, in jeans and a hoodie, with a camera nosing about, taking an interest in the composition.


From my second floor office window, I tracked this lady till I got a reasonable shot. I quite like the contrast of dotty brolly with the geometric paving.


Almost a similar story with this lady: dots, stripes, paving and the plain green of her umbrella.

DSCF8053 (2)

And finally, a vibrant outfit on a drab day which stands out against the honey-coloured local sandstone.

This is a style of photography which is still quite new to me, but I’m enjoying picking out my images and separating them from some of the rest of the bustle of busy streets. Oddly enough, I’ve just realised that one of my favourite musicals of all-time, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ starring the awesome Gene Kelly, features that famous song and dance routine, and also that iconic image of the bright yellow macs and brollies. Maybe that’s why I like to take rainy day photos to show they aren’t all dull and grey.


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