Bird on a wire

While uploading some photos today, I noticed how many I seemed to have accumulated of various feathered friends perching on chimney pots, aerials, telegraph poles and wires. I thought they may look interesting all together (well a few of them anyway…)


Wasn’t quite prepared for the sudden movement as I had only just pointed my camera. Still, quite liked the blurring.


This blackbird was enjoying the evening sun.


While this blackbird was shaking his tail feathers.


Took these three this morning. This blackbird was chirping as I passed on the way to the train station at 6.30am.


Here’s another contented blackbird on telegraph wires.


And two more twittering at each other under the dawn sky.


Blackbirds seem to be a recurrent theme, but they are very common here.


Not sweet little blackbirds this time, but raucous great rooks from the rookery down the road.


And finally a house martin (I think) who had proved elusive. He was so fast and unsettled, but wonderful to watch as he swooped around, probably laughing at my attempts to photograph him.

I have just put a bird table in my back garden, opposite my living room window, so hopefully when that’s established I might see regular visitors of the blue tits and coal tits I often miss when they hop onto the cotoneaster, and then flit off virtually as soon as they land.



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