My ways and By-ways – Slawit in April and May

Every month from about last September, I have been posting a few pictures to try and illustrate life in my small Pennine village of Slaithwaite. In recent months this has become a. more flowery b. a bit samey. Due to life’s nasty habit of taking over any scrap of free time, with little warning, and no sympathy for what you might want to do instead, I have had little opportunity for wandering round and capturing interesting snippets of seasonal events here in Slaithwaite, which was my original intention when I started this series of posts.

As you see, I missed out April altogether, so decided to combine two months in one post.

Slaithwaite (pronounced SLATHWAITE, not Slay-thwaite as many people wrongly suspect, and known locally as Slawit) currently has many eating and drinking establishments crammed into a very small village centre. There are cafes, bars, pubs, takeaways and restaurants already doing a decent trade. Maybe soon there will be more, as the old derelict Globe Worsted textile mill building is in the process of being ‘done up’ with a view to opening retail and food units. More trade for the village is good, but more traffic in and out of an already tight area could be seen as an issue.

I posted some pictures earlier this year of another eating establishment which is currently being built up on the site of scabby old toilets. This has caused more than just the merest hint of controversy, of course, and I personally am not sure how it passed planning permission.


Here it is earlier this spring, and still under construction (and spoiling the composition of Slawit church wreathed in blossom and magnolia!) Nicknamed by me the Bog Burger Building, I believe it may have been built to capitalise on the Ale Trail trade.

Several years ago, an idea was started to promote real ale, suggesting that people took to the train, travelling from any stop between Leeds or Dewsbury, and Manchester Victoria, alighting at several villages along the way where decent real ale was served. This good old British pub crawl sadly outgrew its original concept however, and hundreds of badly-behaved (not all, I know I sound like a killjoy), often middle-aged people crowd onto the trains and flood into the villages. This has caused disruption and damage. It is a shame because the original idea was a good one.

But enough of ranting, and back to this Bog Burger Building, below is a picture taken when more blossom bloomed around the church in what is a very colourful corner every spring.


I’m pleased to say the clock is finally reading the right time again. It had been stuck on ten-past-four for a while.


This is the building at the moment. Not open for business as yet so it will be interesting to see if the liquor licence goes through. As you see it is next door to a pub, across the road from a cafe/bar, and with all the very close-by eating and drinking places may be up for some stiff competition.


I have included a couple more images of the church as springtime is when the view is at its best.



Slaithwaite has seen a mixed bunch of weather for spring. We’ve had really cold temperatures, yukky mizzly days, then a sudden heatwave, a return to coolness, then it got warmer again. I wilted at work last week, but come the bank holiday weekend and gale force winds tore though, some seriously heavy rain decided to ruin barbeque plans (though we did this in the kitchen in the end), yesterday wasn’t too bad but today is grey with persistent drizzle. At the risk of sounding like the weather forecast, I will conclude by adding we have seen some cracking dawns and sunsets.

I usually manage to have my camera handy on my way into work early, and capture some interesting skies, sometimes with my favourite row of chimney pots in silhouette. Sunsets I never seem to be around for at the moment.



Same row, a bit further on, a couple of weeks later…




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