The rain it raineth…

Well after last week’s promotion excitement in my little old hometown of Huddersfield, this week sees the full-blown arrival of British summertime…rain and wind. Its blowing a gale right now, and needless to say I arrived home from work rather soggy again.

Never mind, rain means shiny photos of folk avoiding rain. This also means my camera gets itchy, so here are a few town centre images for you to have a squint at.

Looking out from St George’s Square as people wait for buses.
I’d no sooner taken the first photo when these two travelers scurried into view, heading for the train station. They just had shelter on their minds.


DSCF7298 (2)
St George’s Square again, during a pause in the rain. I’m stood taking this on the train station steps.
DSCF7317 (2)
This lady has just been to the library, and yes, it’s raining!

I’ve just actually noticed all these images are in black and white. As colours are so drab anyway in weather like this, I like to try bring out the shine on rain-slick paving stones. Our local Yorkshire flagstones in sandstone are good for this.

Hopefully, my next post, in a couple of days will feature one or two more abstract rain in Huddersfield town centre images.

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