Bird breakfast at Jill’s

As it’s still depressingly and irrepressibly wet outside today, I have taken a break from rain pictures to post instead something from last weekend. My new bird table is now installed in the back garden, and is starting to attract guests. So far, our regulars have been mainly our resident sparrows and robins, but I have seen coal tits, blue tits and a rogue magpie.

And also before I could reach for my camera, I spied a jay on the wall. Jays don’t normally find their way into my garden from the wood, but it had disappeared before I even had change to say ‘By ‘eck J, there’s a jay!’.

So here are a couple of my visitors for now.




6 thoughts on “Bird breakfast at Jill’s

  1. These are beautiful, Jill! Your new bird breakfast bar is certainly drawing attention. We have Jays in the woods around here, and I have only ever seen them twice in my garden after peanuts, but like you say, no chance at getting a photo shoot with them!

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