Perfectly pink!

Weyhey!! Summer’s arrived here in Slaithwaite today.

It’s hot outside, for this week anyway.

So I got to thinking about what I should post,

about what represents summer in nature the most,

and remembered aborted efforts with bees

and how all that pollen was making  me wheeze.

Shot some nice flowers, thought I’d done the trick,

sadly minus the bees who buzzed off pretty quick.

Bearing in mind macro isn’t quite yet my thing

and the bees were in no mood to fling me a sting

I’ve put together some flowers quite pink

For you to look at and see what you think.







Maybe tomorrow I’ll do yellow, without the silliness. As you can probably tell, I do better with free verse rather than daft rhymes, just like I have to rely on normal close-ups as I have no macro lens…ok shut up now Jill!




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