Non-sunrise Solstice

After a virtually sleepless muggy night here in Slaithwaite, I was awake enough to fall out of bed at 3.30am with the intention of trotting off up to Pole Moor, about a mile and a half up the hill from my cottage, to welcome in the Midsummer sunrise, and hope fervently for a better last half of 2017 than the first half has been. (But that bit’s another story).

I positioned myself up in Pole Moor graveyard, ready for sunrise, if it came, but soon had my doubts. There was a thunderstorm forecast, which incidentally is more likely going to happen tonight, and this morning’s sky was completely overcast, and not the best for potential sunrise photos.

At the allotted time, it became obvious the sun was going to be a no-show for slipping above the horizon, but hey-ho, I took some pictures anyway…

Silhouette in Pole Moor graveyard, unusual setting for Solstice pictures, but hey…
Our famous landmark radio masts lurk in the background.






I have always been fascinated by the colours and textures of sky and cloud structure. The sun did eventually peep through as skies cleared a bit, but I am now awaiting the first rumblings of a mega thunderstorm, if it happens…



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