Hello Yellow

About a week or so ago I posted some pictures of pink flowers as I hadn’t had time to prepare anything more interesting. Time has not been kind just recently, and as my job is due to finish in a few weeks I have been busy searching online for alternative employment. An absolute minefield for the uninitiated, like me. I may write a post on my rather blundersome efforts in the very near future, but for now back to flowery stuff.

I’d said I may find some yellow flowers next, so have had a squint in my photo library to see what I could come up with. Again, bear in mind, my camera has a fixed lens, no official macro or super macro.

A laneside primrose
Antirrhinum from my garden
Ok, not officially all yellow, but Marguerites, Michaelmas Daisies, Chrysanthemums, call them whatever, always remind me of cooked eggs.
A springtime crocus clump in Slaithwaite
A bright, shaggy dandelion


Not sure which of these two images of Yellow Flag Iris I liked the best, this closer-up image with the lurking fly in not-very-good evening light…


…or the slightly dreamy image with the canal behind.

Celandine just a smidge out of focus, but cheery and bright
And finally a double daffodil which was on a local cafe table

You may have wondered why a lot of these seem to be spring flowers. Maybe after all the chill, ice or grey dampness of winter, nature suddenly wants to brighten everything up with sunshiny colours in pale or vivid yellows. Whatever, they certainly cheer me up after a dismal first half to my year.


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