In and Out of the NeighbourHudd

Because of my recent discovery of Street Photography, and all the potentially interesting situations it can chuck up, I thought I’d add a new section to this little old blog of mine. I called it In and Out of the NeighbourHudd as a lot of the images will feature my own hometown centre, Huddersfield. The Out bit is in there (if you see what I mean) as I do get out and into other towns whereby hopefully creating more street photography.

So I’ll kick off with this image I captured last week, entitled Obscured by Smoke.

Being a lifelong non-smoker, I never reckoned on taking a picture like this, but when I rounded a corner and noticed two lads puffing away, one of whom was spouting more great clouds of vapour than a traction engine, while the other wasn’t so much, I thought I wonder if…

I think these clouds were the product of some monster vaping equipment. (Huddersfield now has as many of these shops as charity shops and pound shops) I decided it might be an interesting experiment.

I hadn’t realised until later that someone was walking behind these ponderous exhalations and thought the almost three-legged half-a-figure in black looked rather weird but visually quite interesting. I suppose I could have cropped a bit further, and maybe lost the lady with the bag walking into shot, but I wasn’t sure. Please comment if you have an opinion.

I shot this image on the black & white setting of my faithful little Fujifilm Finepix to try and bring out the whiteness of the smoke. If I was a doodler, I might have scribbled an appropriate caption in the speech bubble. But I did not, so this is the version you’re getting.

Huddersfield town centre, July 2017

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