In and out of the NeighbourHudd – Time Marches On.

Today’s image came about when I briefly left the neighbourHudd for a morning and jumped on a train to the busy metropolis of Leeds for a job interview. A city like Leeds is bustling with life and variety, history and fantastic architecture. I will include it on a Jill’s Jaunts in the near future.

But for now, here is an image I ended up with at the train station. I had a squint about for colour to zoom in on from all the way over on the Manchester Airport platform as I waited for my train back to the Hudd. Some of the staff in our West Yorkshire stations wear very bright high visibility jackets, and there were plenty around. I kept my eye on a pair of them who were paying lots of attention to an arrivals/departures board. Being a distance off, a couple of the pictures were too out-of-focus to be any use.

DSCF8757 (2)

When I checked this image though, the other chap had moved off and left his colleague and his bag of rubbish (I hadn’t noticed that they’d been emptying bins) to just have a minute to himself. As he stands still, passengers move quickly past him and cause the blurring motion effect. Not the most technically proficient photograph, I know, but I thought it was interesting to note that what I thought I was taking looked entirely different when I uploaded it. At least the main objective of the image stood out, the high viz.

This happens a lot. What I think I see, or what I intend often turns out quite differently. Sometimes it’s rubbish, sometimes interesting. As time moves on, I often find myself stood ponderously in the middle of it wondering where to go next…and how to keep up.


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