Everything in the garden’s soggy

My last post a couple of days ago featured a couple of images of a hot summer day in the town centre. I said that no two days are alike in our little micro-climate up here in the Pennines, and bugger me if it didn’t start raining. It had been threatening storms for days, but all those seemed to congregate down south and cause plenty of flash floods and damage.

But as we did get some ordinary rain to freshen the flowers, I thought some images from around my little garden might brighten things up.

DSCF8709 (2)
As my garden is in some disarray again this summer due to ongoing building work, I have been making use of all my pots, and gone with more geraniums than usual as they seem less susceptible to the munchings of hungry pests.
DSCF8708 (2)
When I realised I had more space than geraniums, I bought another what I thought was red. As you see it’s a pinker shade than the rest, but never mind, It’s been bright and beautiful. And yes, I have since deadheaded it.
DSCF8707 (2)
One of my favourite perennials is this reliable Penstemon Maurice Gibb, which has survived a couple of transplantings, some disease, major prunings and is miraculously still ‘Staying Alive’.

Since taking these photos, I have discovered (or more precisely my friend Peter has discovered) my camera has an inbuilt macro setting. Now I think I know how (you can never be too sure with my bungling efforts) to use this function, I have been practising, so look out for some macro photosperiments in the near future.


4 thoughts on “Everything in the garden’s soggy

  1. I love going out in the garden after rain and seeing how everything is transformed. Beautiful images, Jill. We need the rain here, and yet those recent storms must have missed us by a whisker, but tomorrow may be a different story.

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    1. Yes, the garden prefers real rain to the contents of my watering can. After a night of heavy rain, we’ve had a reasonable day’s sunshine. But it’s pouring again now. Just the right conditions for them pesky weeds…

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