In and out of the NeighbourHudd – Stairway to Heaven…

…or more accurately, and definitely not a song title from my favourite band, Escalator to All Platforms.

This image was taken in Leeds train station a couple of weeks ago as I was on my way for a job interview (more about interview-tastrophes in my very next post).  Leeds is the epicentre of Commutersville at just after 7am, and as I wanted an overview of the station, the best vantage point was from the top of the down-steps watching folk rise swiftly up the zig-zaggedy up-steps and escalator. Not such a wise idea as I was in the way of several disgruntled travellers about to bound down the down-steps and I forgot that due to said interview, I was unaccustomedly suited and booted – boots having 4 inch wedge heels! I would have failed all health and safety on staircases straight off, especially as starting my descent a moment later, my heel actually slipped off a step and I had to grab the handrail sharpish. I could so easily have dragged myself to my interview with broken bones!!

DSCF8715 (2)

Leeds is a major main-line station and changing point for trains travelling all over Britain. The bit pictured is about half of it. It is allegedly the busiest station in the North, and the third busiest in the UK outside London. There are 17 physical platforms but with a, b, etc subdivisions, it brings it to 47. The railway arrived in Leeds in 1834, and since then, the station has undergone numerous works and re-modelling.

I think the trains pictured are Virgin Trains which tend to do the longer distance, higher-speed routes. They are somewhat superior to our usual Transpennine and First Northwesterns which frequent our regional railways, and infinitely posher than the two-carriage thing which usually transports me from Huddersfield back to Slaithwaite on the Manchester Victoria line which I laughingly and lovingly call the Cattle Truck.


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