In and out of the NeighbourHudd – Gelati

Volare oh oh

Gelati oh oh oh oh!

These images are most definitely out of the neighbourHudd, over 1,700 kilometres out actually. I’ve just been for a week to the Italian Riviera, and eaten lots of gelato. I even managed to eat them before they melted in the heat which almost liquidised (or is that liquified) me!!


As you see I have been out and about the streets looking for images to test out the night function on my cameras which I have never really used before. It was trial and error. The image below I was slightly disappointed with as it looked better through my viewfinder than when I uploaded it onto the computer this morning. I had hoped for a nice silhouette of a little boy’s hand in front of the prettily glowing icecream. Sadly not quite, and it’s a bit out of focus too!

Never mind, this blog isn’t about perfection. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t, and occasionally they work because they don’t work, if you get me.

DSCF9079 (2)

I am off to Cumbria, England, for a few days tomorrow where the temperatures will probably not exceed 15 celsius. When I get back, and have a moment, there will be some Jill’s Jaunts appearing so I can share my travels and photos with you.

But for now, it’s arrivederci to scoffing delicious Italian icecream for a while till my waistline has recovered. As always, your comments are welcome.


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