I bagged my Pink Moon

‘Look into the sky tonight’, grandly announced some headline yesterday ‘and you will see this event for the only time THIS YEAR! Pink Moon.’

‘Ooh,’ I thought and started scanning the sky around dusk when it was supposed to be the best time to view. What are the chances? A pink moon on what has been the warmest Good Friday (first of the UK Easter bank Holidays) for ages. A full moon at that. I tried to Google when the local moonrise would be but all I could find out was a time of around midday.

That would have made the moon somewhere round the front of the house about now, and ready for setting.

So I went to have a squint. Nothing. I scanned the clear, blue sky all around for the tiniest glimpse. Nowt!

My neighbour popped out and asked what I was looking for.

‘Pink moon’ said I.

‘Bloodmoon?’ said he.

‘No, no. This one’s pink. Must be a lot of pollution about.’

It must have set. I went back in. About half ten I peeped out of my back bedroom window and saw a small silver disc like a 5p piece ready for disappearing round the side of the house. Turns out the designation of pink bears no relation to the colour. The Pink Moon is a once a year event for no other reason than it is what the April full moon is known as. The colour implies pink spring flowers apparently.

So I’ve probably missed the opportunity to capture it in an interesting way with some pink flowers in the foreground or something. So I photographed my moon necklace in front of the window instead.

This treasured possession was given to me by my lass Jasmine-Moon a few Mother’s Days ago. The inscription reads ‘Mum, I love you to the moon and back.’

At 6 this morning, the moon was still up, now bigger and much softer and lower, visible from the front garden. I haven’t missed it at all!

Just waiting for me to come into the garden
About to set behind Owler’s Wood.
Pink Moon 20 April 2019
DSCF3504 (2)
And just for fun, I thought I’d add a rosy glow to my original. Well, I do try to view the world rose-tinted…

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