All Flood in the Hudd

No, I’m not underwater.

After what seems like almost endless rain for the last week or two, we are having occasional dry days. There have been local floods again, Halifax’s Calder valley always seems to be underwater and their flood defenses are being strengthened at the moment. The poor residents always seem to be bailing out, their homes and businesses ruined.

This week, Hebden Bridge and the Calder Valley were on flood alert again, Mirfield, the small town next to Huddersfield was threatened by the seriously rising river level, Rotherham, Sheffield and parts of South Yorkshire have suffered, and there will be more.

My own patch, lowly Slaithwaite, 5 miles west of Huddersfield, has usually avoided total village centre flooding, thank goodness, but with the River Colne as well as the canal flowing right through, there is always the danger. I keep checking the footbridge at the bottom of my lane near the canal as this has been knocked about in recent years. It is often my quickest route home from the main road. The footbridge crosses the river and if this gets swollen from excessive rainfall and all the water running off the hills, the bridge becomes uncrossable.

I haven’t taken any pictures this week, but here are some older ones, and some from earlier this year.

The Bridge over the River Colne. The river is rising dangerously and later that day came over the bridge. Slaithwaite summer 2019
A local lane starts turning to mud. West Slaithwaite summer 2019. Taken on my phone.
At a dip on the main road, West Slaithwaite. Rain always gathers here, turning the road into a lake.
Our girls go with their grandad to inspect the flooding river. Summer 2019
This is the roaring River Colne, taken back in 2012 when the bridge was all but taken out.
2012 again. The bridge buckled and has had to be repaired several times since. The river is usually very much lower than this.


6 thoughts on “All Flood in the Hudd

  1. I do feel very sorry for anyone who has their home or business flooded – it must be so disheartening. It’s quite shocking to see just how powerful the floodwaters can be. Take care!

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    1. Our little Valley doesn’t usually do too badly thank goodness but the Calder Valley is having new flood defences built at the moment, sadly they are often evacuating. The rain is on and off at the moment. Foggy and mizzly today but more rain forecast next week.

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