Below are different sections of things I post about, complete with their own identifying pictures, as you see.

DSC_0336Chelpblog – Jillslawit’s thoughts and observations on owt, nowt and summet. All life’s little challenges and peculiarities.


‘Make do and mend’ – Jillslawit’s haphazard approach to upcycling, re-using and making ‘summet from nowt’. Make do and mend was a British mid-20th century phrase used in times of austerity.


Blyblog – Comments on the work of Jillslawit’s favourite author, and maintainer of her childhood sanity, Enid Blyton.


How adVINTAGEous – A trip down memory lane, with the 70’s kid who never quite grew up.


Scribblings – Jillslawit shares short stories, poems and various autobiographical snippets.


My ways and By-ways – Out and about with Jillslawit and her little camera


Books-a-daisy – Reviews and all stuff to do with books.


Jill’s Jaunts – Jillslawit goes travelling. With an appropriate header picture.

Or any other random stuff…