My Photos

I took my first pictures way back in the 70’s on my mum’s Kodak Brownie 127, graduated to a disc camera in 1985 when I was 15, and have not stopped since.


I enjoy capturing landscapes and skyscapes mostly: textures, colours, the way modern structures can fit into the weave of the land.

I use a basic Fujifilm Finepix compact most of the time. I can’t be too bothered faffing with filters and special lenses when I’m out and about, I need to be quick if I spot an opportunity.  I rely on the instinctive ability for composition. My eye is more important to me than technology.

The main photo for this site (shown below) was taken by me at Summer Solstice 2015. Sunrise through a gate on Cupwith Moor, Slaithwaite.